Dear Lovely Wife

Dear My Lovely Wife If You Even Exist,

At the age of 17, I can’t say I know who you are, or if I’ll ever get married, but I do know that – if you do exist – you’re probably smart. You’re probably funny. You’re probably far too organized for me. I know you’ll be the opposite of everything I am now.

I hope you’ll love me, and I hope you’ll be honest with me. I know I can be hard to handle at times, trust me, I know. And I know that my life can seem hectic. And I know that at times I disconnect. And I also know that I’m sorry, but I can only hope that you understand who I am.

I can only pray that you’ll love my flaws. Maybe you’ll be one of those girls that calls my odd tenancies “quirks” instead of seeing them as they rough patches they really are. Hopefully you’ll think it’s cute that my sleeping patterns are never inline with the sun. I just pray that you’ll be perfect in every way.

My past is rough, and I know it. Maybe yours will be too. But my pain will mix with yours, and if you love me, we’ll work through life as a team, not as codependents.

Again, at my young age I have no idea if you’ll ever read this letter, but we can all have fantasies and dreams.

I’m Sure I’ll Love You With All My Heart,

Your Future Spouse