“We’re Practically Dating”

When you say “We’re practically dating,” you have no idea how long those words will ring through my ears. It was blissfully ignorant for you to say that, yet when we joke you gag at the thought of me. I pretend to laugh, giving you a disapproving look, although my heart is pounding against my tight rib cage.

Is this all a sign? Are you trying to allude to feelings? I can never tell, you seem to make my world spin. Maybe you just meant that our friendship is so strong. Those nights of cuddling under the same blanket, those jokes, those light flirts, maybe they actually did mean something?

Maybe I was wrong the whole time. Maybe you did have feelings and I was just pretending I was the only one harboring them. Maybe you truly meant those three words entirely innocently. How hard could it be for you to simply leave us as friends?

We started this relationship as friends, and soon we grew close, quickly after I forced my feelings for you deep into the pit of my stomach, and I’ve finally grown past them. Only to be dragged back down into you.

Please, for our sake, please don’t put me through this all over again.

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